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Guide to Applying for Funding


Welcome to Kibworth Charitable Trust’s guide to applying for funding.


Kibworth Charitable Trust is a grant making charity and our aim is simple: to raise funds to be shared with very local community organisations, clubs and societies, charities and groups who need some financial help to achieve their goals.


We are a registered charity (1157598) and the objects of the charity (‘the objects’) by which we are bound are: The furtherance of such purposes that are exclusively charitable under the laws of England and Wales in particular by the provision of grants to individuals, clubs, societies or other types of organisation in Kibworth Harcourt, Kibworth Beauchamp and Smeeton Westerby.


The Trust is entirely funded by donations from villagers and local businesses who want to give to their community. The Trust seeks to share those funds through charitable grants with a diverse range of projects, clubs and groups for people of all ages, abilities and interests, to help promote a strong sense of community in the villages of Kibworth and Smeeton Westerby.


We believe strongly that local people know what is needed in their community and are best placed to make things happen. We are also aware that many people are already undertaking great work but often struggle to get the support they need.


The trust was conceived in early 2013 to facilitate Kibworth’s first family music festival – KibFest - in memory of a much loved Kibworth man, Adam Bennett. KibFest raised an amazing £12,000 for two local organisations close to Adams heart, Kibworth CE Primary School and Kibworth and Smeeton Juniors FC, thanks to the overwhelming support of local businesses, volunteers and everyone who came on the day. In 2014, the Trust gained Registered Charity status.


The Trust’s trustees are Trina Ward and Kate Foster.


Who can apply for help from the Trust?


The Kibworth Charitable Trust is presently set up to give financial assistance to local groups, facility providers, societies and organisations in Kibworth Harcourt, Kibworth Beauchamp and Smeeton Westerby to help them deliver locally based community-focused projects, events, facilities or services, in order to help maintain a thriving community.


Applicants must be aged 18 or over (although applications can of course be made for children’s initiatives and organisations), and applying for a project that will be delivered in/for the residents of Kibworth Beauchamp, Kibworth Harcourt and/or Smeeton Westerby.


You will need to ensure that your proposal is for charitable purpose and conforms to guidelines as outlined by the Charities Commission and the Trust and that you understand and agree, at the point of application, to all the Terms and Conditions as per the grant agreement.


What types of activity will be supported?


We will consider anything of benefit to the community. This might include:


- Arts projects/events


- Public buildings, parks, gardens and other public spaces


- Education and training


- Special interest groups


- Youth groups


- Sports clubs, sporting events and tournaments/competitions


- School and pre-school projects


- Facilities or activities for residents with disabilities


- Projects or facilities that enhance social welfare


This list is intended as a guide only and is by no means exhaustive. Please contact us for further advice if you are unsure whether your project will meet our criteria.


Types of applications that cannot be considered include:


- Applications from/for individuals where there is no wider benefit to the community


- Projects or organisations that generate a profit


- Organisations/projects benefitting animals


- Projects that have already received Kibworth Charitable Trust funding in the past 12 months


We are also unlikely to fund projects for which funding is readily available from an alternative source, or if the application for funding is solely or primarily to pay a salary or professional fees.


How much funding will be available?


Standard applications can be for any amount up to a maximum of £3000. If your project requires a larger amount of funding, it may be possible so please do talk to us. Funding levels will, of course, depend on how much we raise and how many applications we receive for each round of funding.


What we will look for in your application


· That all the sections of the application form are completed fully and clearly.


· That the project and people involved meet all of the above criteria.


· That the aims and outcomes/benefits/impact of the project/resource are of clear benefit to all or a specific segment of the local community.


· That your target audience(s) are clearly defined (if applicable) and details of how many people will benefit.


· That the costings are detailed, realistic and sustainable (if applicable). Depending on the project, it might be appropriate to submit quotes as well.


· Please avoid jargon and acronyms that the Panel may not be familiar with.


· Evidence of need/demand: this might mean showing us any research and consultation you have carried out, established support for your project from people in the community, whether there are other similar projects nearby etc.


· Management – who is responsible for the successful delivery of the project (if not the applicant)?


· That you understand and agree to all the Terms and Conditions in this document.


We have tried to keep the application form as brief and simple as possible so please be as concise as you can with your answers. Writing in note form and/or bullet points is fine as long as all the detail we need is included. Please do supply additional supporting evidence with your application form if relevant eg quotes, survey results, images etc (maximum 10 sheets of A4).


Application Deadlines


The Panel will meet to review applications up to four times each year, depending on funds available. You can submit an application for funding at any time. Applications will then be considered at the next scheduled panel meeting.


How to Apply For Funds


1. Read the Application Guide carefully and ensure that your project meets, to the best of your understanding, the Trust’s criteria. Ask if you have any queries re suitability.


2. Complete the Application Form and collate any necessary supporting information.


3. Return the application form via email to [email protected] or by post to Kate Foster, Trustee, at 19 Folley Road, Kibworth Beauchamp, LE8 0PF. We’ll confirm with you that we have received it and, if necessary, ask for any clarification on anything not clear from the application form ahead of the next Panel meeting.


4. After each panel meeting, the Trustees will notify all applicants in writing of the outcome of the application, normally within two weeks.


Terms and Conditions


· Funding will only be awarded for a specific project/activity/resource. This could be something already established that requires more funds to develop, or to get a new project off the ground.


· Applicants must be 18 years of age or over (although beneficiaries of the funding can, of course, be under 18).


· Funding grants will be restricted to one application per project/organisation per rolling 12 month period. Individuals may make multiple applications within a 12 month period if the applications are for entirely independent projects/organisations. The Panel’s decision on whether a project is ‘entirely independent’ is final.


· Projects submitted must not generate a profit.


· Funding cannot be awarded retrospectively ie for something that has already been paid for/delivered.


· All successful applicants must provide a report back to the Trustees within 12 months, providing details of the impact of the project in the community, and be prepared to feature in a case study for future marketing purposes to support the work of the Trust. If the project/initiative/item isn't delivered/completed/purchased within 12 months of the grant being awarded, the grant must be repaid to the trust.


· All applications and the detail therein will remain confidential and viewed only by the Trustees and the community representatives who will form the panel.


· The Panel’s decision on all applications is final. There is no appeals process and no further correspondence will be entered in to once a decision and rationale for that decision is given.


· The Trustees reserve the right to investigate any project at any time if they believe that Trust funds have not been spent exactly as outlined in the application.


· Your group must either have its own bank account, or a ‘sponsor’ organisation (eg your local Parish Council or Council for Voluntary Service) that is willing to accept the funds for your use.


Further Guidance


If you would like any further help or advice before making your application, please email [email protected]


And once you have completed your application, please spread the word!


We need the people who need us most to know that we are here, so if you know a group/project who would also benefit from funding from the Trust, please let them know about us!